Family Law and Criminal Law Service

If you are married and require assistance with your divorce, please contact us. We attend to divorce matters for a fixed fee. If you are either married or in a de facto relationship and are in the process of separating, we can assist you with your property settlement or children’s matters. Whether the case is settled or is fought out in Court, we do our utmost to achieve a result that the client is happy with. We understand that family law matters bring out emotions in what can be a very stressful time. You can rest assured that our team will guide you through these difficult times with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. If you wish to discuss any family law issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are in a de-facto relationship and require assistance with children’s matters or property matters, we can certainly assist. If you have a disagreement with your former partner about these issues, we will do our best to try and arrange an out of court settlement to help reduce your costs. However, if an agreement is not reached, we will fight hard for you in any court action that we may begin or defend on your behalf.

Since the year 2000, parties who are going to get married can enter into what are called “Binding Financial Agreements” . These are most commonly known as pre nuptial agreements. Not only can they be entered into in contemplation of a marriage, but during a marriage, after separation but before divorce and after divorce. These agreements are now available to de-facto couples. We have extensive experience in drafting such agreements. These agreements are becoming more and more popular as people are coming to the realisation that they need to protect their financial future.

Criminal law –
Have you been charged with an offence? Have you had an apprehended violence order taken out against you? If so, we can help. We take instructions in all areas of criminal law and our dedicated team will work hard to get you the best possible result. We have successfully defended clients in the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Courts. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Being charged with an offence or being investigated by police can be a trying time for most people. If you are entertaining a guilty plea, we do our best to achieve as low a penalty as possible. Should you decide to plead not guilty and fight the charge, we do our utmost to fight for you in Court to achieve the most favourable possible outcome. We also attend police interviews, run bail hearings and Mental Health Act applications.